Routing is done by adding a set of routes to the application with the addRoute method.

Each route matches the request path in the url with a specified controller class. If a route matches the request path, the controller is created and a suitable action method is invoked.

Routes are evaluated in the order they were added. If a match was found, no more routes are evaluated.

If no matching route was found, a 404 Not Found response is returned.

Standard route

To add a standard route, use the BlueMvc\Core\Route class.

A Route is constructed with two parameters:

  1. The path to match, or an empty string to match the root path.
  2. The controller class name.

The path matched is the directory part of the url. Leading and trailing directory separators (/) are implied.

Example 1: Matches / or /foo or /bar and so on, but not /foo/ or /foo/bar

new Route('', MyController::class)

Example 2: Matches /foo/ or /foo/bar or /foo/bar/ and so on, but not /foo

new Route('foo', MyController::class)

Example 3: Matches /foo/bar/ or /foo/bar/baz or /foo/bar/baz/ and so on, but not /foo/bar

new Route('foo/bar', MyController::class)

Default route

A default route serves as a "catch-all" route and should therefore, if used, be added last.

To add a default route, use the BlueMvc\Core\DefaultRoute class.

A DefaultRoute is constructed by passing the controller class name in the constructor.


new DefaultRoute(MyController::class)

Example setup

Consider the following example setup:

$application->addRoute(new Route('', IndexController::class)); $application->addRoute(new Route('a/b', AliceBobController::class)); $application->addRoute(new Route('a', AliceController::class)); $application->addRoute(new Route('a/c', AliceCharlieController::class)); $application->addRoute(new DefaultRoute(DefaultController::class));

Using the setup above, these examples illustrates which controller will be used for different requests.

Request path Controller used
/ IndexController
/a IndexController
/a/ AliceController
/a/b AliceController
/a/x AliceController
/a/b/ AliceBobController
/a/b/x AliceBobController
/a/c/ AliceController
/a/c/x AliceController
/b/ DefaultController

Note that AliceController was used instead of AliceCharlieController for the request path /a/c/. In fact, the AliceCharlieController will never be used in this setup, since all paths that matches 'a/c' also matches 'a', which was added first. The same reasoning applies to /a/c/x.

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